Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Seasonal Cute Nail Designs

Great nails make a big statement in front of many people, the well-polished nails tell the world that you care about your appearance and you take pride in yourself. There are various nail design ideas that you can use to get elegant and gorgeous nails. Nail art is best done by a professional but in some cases, you can try some designs at home on your own as well. As you polish your skills in nail design than you can unleash complex designs with ease and high creativity. Nail art has emerged as one of the most popular nail beautifying ideas for many women in the world. The style, design, and color that are selected to decorate the nails can vary depending on the occasion, mood, and season. Free hand designs are often popular among young women because they are easy to create on your own and are cheaper. However for special occasions you can opt to go to intricate patters and styles to give your nails a new look. Some of the nail design ideas include 

French manicure 
French manicure is a classic and simple nail design that incorporates pink nail base with white strips. The nail design can be embellished by adding a gold line beneath the white tips, in other cases you can add airbrushed white flowers giving it a unique look.

Polka Dots
Polka dots is another popular nail design that uses dots on toenails and fingernails as well, you can paint the base of the fingernails with a light color such as light blue or lavender. However the color has to be dark enough for the polka dots to be visible, after the base coat has dried paint polka dots with a white nail polish to incorporate the dots in the nail polish,this should on all areas of the nails and not on the tips alone.

A simple and modern nail design is the nails coupled with filigree flowers painted over them, this can be done by painting nail base with opaque nail polish mostly white in color. Thereafter addition of filigree flower is done by the use of black nail polish this can be single or several on the fingernail. To make the design simpler you can paint several flowers on the nail rather than a single flower for each nail.

This is one of the simplest yet trendy nail designs, whether applied on the toenails or fingernails it is imperative to stick to neutral colors rather than bright colors. Some of the neutral polish colors that you can use include lilac, pink, and robin’s egg blue. Here it is important to paint the stripes while maintaining the same width. 

Seasonal designs 
As the holiday season is around the corner, you can use cool nail art designs that can include Christmas trees, holly bells, or candy canes. On the other hand, during Halloween you can use black varnish as the base coat and incorporate skulls and other scary features on the polish.
Marine nail art can be the coolest; a blue base paint with transparent varnish can create an amazing sea look. You can incorporate some of the features such as sea horses or dolphins to make the design more intricate.

Some people like nature and representing nature on the nails can be a beautiful experience. You can try different flowers and shades until you get a perfect fit. Hawaiian theme is another nail design that you can use on your nails, although it requires professional nail artist because of its complex and intricate designs. 

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